Sandstone is a naturally porous rock used in the construction of buildings across Scotland.

And a properly maintained sandstone property does not require anything more than delicate softwashing or DOFF Cleaning.

However in the UK, some building maintenance contractors will suggest that you seal sandstone.

This may be suggested after a high pressure washer has been used (though you should never use a high pressure washer on sandstone).

What is sealing sandstone?

It is effectively painting or spraying the sandstone with a silicone based sealant. But this sealant does not allow the stone to breath naturally and upsets the natural balance of the stone’s capabilities.

If you maintain your property properly, fix leaking gutters quickly and make sure that cement pointing is never used then the naturally porous sandstone should breath properly and not need any form of sealant.

So how should sandstone be cleaned?

We can provide stonework cleaning the right way. Using softwashing and DOFF steam cleaning to delicately clean the stonework of carbon and other air polution as well as vegetation growth without damaging the stonework.

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